We offer a vast array of professional services to ensure our clients are fully accommodated and given the best quality of services.

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Meet Our Staff

We truly care about our customers, which is why our customers love us! You will, too, once you meet our highly skilled staff.

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Live can get hectic. Who has time to keep up-to-date on all of the tax world? That’s where we come in. Take a look at a few resources we’ve found useful for our clients.

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Kniss Kletzli – Professional Accounting Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Kniss Kletzli & Associates, P.C. is a Pittsburgh-based Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting Firm. The firm traces its beginnings back to 1958 and continues today to service the same clients developed over nearly four decades.

The firm has experienced significant growth retaining a diversified client base who seek the combined entrepreneurial insight and business acumen the partners transfer to them. Kniss Kletzli & Associates, P.C. maintains a high level of professional services for its clients, located in the tri-state area, who demand more than just forms and figures.

At Kniss Kletzli & Associates, P.C., helping you achieve the goals of your business is our primary objective.

The ability and knowledge available through the experience of being business advisors as well as CPAs result in a synergy with our clients.

Information that passes between client and advisor requires trust and communication and perhaps your view of an accounting firm will change: no longer will we be accountants who advise, but advisors who provide accounting services.

We understand your business needs and want to help you develop the most profitable and successful approach to achieve your potential growth.